Einhell TE-MG 300 EQ, monitoimityökalu

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Karkkainen.com Einhell Expert TE-MG 300 EQ monitoimikone
69,90 € HALVIN 75,80 € HALVIN
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Proshop Einhell Multifunctional Tool 300W 11 päivää 81,24 € 86,24 € Katso tuotetta 
Hobby Hall Einhell Monitoimikone TE-MG 300 EQ noin 1 viikko 82,90 € 89,80 € Katso tuotetta 
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Einhell TE-MG 300 EQ, monitoimityökalu

The multifunctional tool TE-MG 300 EQ is a practical allrounder for ambitious DIY enthusiasts with high expectations in various fields. With this mutlifunction tool wood, plastic and even metal can be sawed reliably, wood can also be sanded. Even grouting from between tiles can be removed easily. Equipped with a powerful 300 W motor, the TE-MG 300 EQ is well equipped for tough projects while also ensuring material and application suitable working through a speed electronics. The constant electronics guarantees consistent power. A quick release helps to change equipment without additional tools in minimum time. A tool chuck with 12 adjustable settings enables flexible operation. A comfortable soft grip makes it safe and pleasant to work with. Also included is a dust extraction device for fitting without any additional tools, plus a convenient dust extraction adapter. A plunge-cut saw blade for wood and plastic (HCS), an additional BIM plunge-cut saw blade for metal, a segment saw blade for wood, plastic and soft metal (HSS), and a diamond segment saw blade for tile joints are all part of the package. A triangular grinding/sanding plate, six sheets of abrasive paper (3*P60/3*P120) and a scraper complete the delivery. Delivery in a convenient transport and storage case is also provided.

Mitat1 540
Nopeus20 000 rpm
Teho300 W
Valmistajan tuotesivuhttp://products.einhell.com/com_en/tools/multifunction-tools/te-mg-300-eq.html


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