Einhell EH 2000, lämmitin

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Einhell EH 2000, lämmitin

The EH 2000 Electric Heater is an upright unit with specially designed metal heating elements. It is ideally suited to heating up workshops, small storage rooms, pole marquees and for drying out individual rooms quickly. The required room temperature can be easily set using three heat settings (650 W/1300 W/2000 W) and the infinitely adjustable thermostat. The EH 2000 has a splash guard and a powerful axial fan with an aluminum impeller. The outlet grille is manufactured from powder-coated wire mesh and the rear wall of the housing is galvanized. The heater is guaranteed to operate safely as it comes with a built-in overheating guard which switches the heater off automatically if it overheats. The built-in carry handle makes the heater easy to transport. The heater is supplied with a high-quality rubber mains cable.

Mitat22.1 cm x 19.8 cm x 31.7 cm
Teho2 000 W
Valmistajan tuotesivuhttp://products.einhell.de/de_en/heating/electrical-heaters/electric-heaters/eh-2000.html


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