Kärcher WD 6 P Premium (1.348-271.0), märkä-/kuivaimuri

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Kärcher WD 6 P Premium (1.348-271.0), märkä-/kuivaimuri osastosta Muut sähkö- ja akkutyökalut nyt edullisimmin kaupasta Proshop hintaan 208,72 euroa.

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Proshop Kärcher Pölynimuri WD 6 P Premium 5 päivää 208,72 € HALVIN 213,72 € HALVIN
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Proshop Kärcher Pölynimuri WD 6 Premium 11 päivää 208,72 € HALVIN 213,72 € HALVIN
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CDON.COM Kärcher Grovdammsugare WD6 P Premium, ElectronicsKärcher WD6 P Premium, Electronics 2-5 päivää 219,00 € 219,00 € Katso tuotetta 
Coolshop.fi Kärcher - WD 6 P Premium Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner 30 L 2-3 päivää 225,00 € 225,00 € Katso tuotetta 
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Kärcher WD 6 P Premium (1.348-271.0), märkä-/kuivaimuri

The high-end WD 6 P Premium multi-purpose vacuum cleaner impresses with its ultra-high suction power, with a power consumption of only 1,300 watts. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with the innovative filter removal technology and also with the flat pleated filter contained in a removable box in the device head. By folding out this box, the filter can be removed in seconds without any contact with dirt. Dry and wet dirt can be vacuumed without the need for filter replacement. Thanks to integrated filter cleaning, the dirty filter can be efficiently cleaned by pushing the filter cleaning button, so that suction power is quickly restored. The power outlet with automatic on/off switch allows you to work with connected power tools. Dirt resulting from planing, sawing or grinding work is vacuumed directly. Suction power can be adapted to requirements, both for standard vacuuming operations andfor use with power tools. Other highlights: 30-litre stainless steel container, newly developed accessories for the best cleaning results, removable handle with electrostatic protection, drain screw for large water volumes, parking position and much more.

Pituus418 mm
Leveys382 mm
Korkeus694 mm
Paino9,1 kg
Teho1 300 W
Valmistajan tuotesivuhttps://www.kaercher.com/int/home-garden/multi-functional-vacuum-cleaners/multi-purpose-vacuum-cleaners/wd-6-p-premium-13482710.html
Pölysäiliön käyttötilavuus30 l


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